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I would be most greatful. Your site looks like it has been a help to a great many people. Once again, an excellent web-site dedicated to one of a very brave group of men. Any help will be appriciated. The users email address is: Date: 1/8/2002 Comments Dear Forbes As a serving Chief Petty Officer (Communications)RNR, I found this a very interesting site.

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yours sincerely Christopher Conn Users email: Date: 12/10/01 Comments Dear Forbes Thank you. I have recently tried to find out from various naval records the position of the sinking but without success. Best regards Steve Flint The users email address is: Date: 16/09/01 Comments Dear Forbes My late father served on Isled Class A/S M/S trawler HMS Shiant in WW II and and am trying to loate any photos of ship in HMS rig before transfer. Both ships had ghts out. After tinder dejtingsajt sydafrika WW2 the Trumpeter fished out of Aberdeen as A 379.

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