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Fender logos and Squiers logos. Probably made by Yako (Taiwan). Depending on the era and model, the number can be found on either the front or back of the headstock. Let the gear snobs blow their money that way. But since that is the only component with a date thus far, she'll still be my '84 problems with that at all.

Some Chinese Gretsch's use a CY serial number. The decade letter codes break down like this: S 1970s, E 1980s, N 1990s, Z 2000s. Just going to say, the original JV (japanese vintage) strats are regarded as the best quality 2005 sista dejting för vuxna from what I've heard. So, for example "CN6" made by Cort in 1996 and "VN6" made by Saehan(Sunghan) in 1996. If it weren't for the bridge, it would be hard to tell these two bodies apart even side by side. This system, however, is notoriously inconsistent and incomplete, which makes dating by serial number even less reliable for MIJ Fenders. Up until 1997, the serial was paired with the words "Made in Japan." In 1982, Fender expanded operations with a series of instruments produced in Japan by the Fuji Gen Gakki company. As far as I've been able to research, both came out of the exact same d except for the Squier logo and some possible inconsistencies in the stamps, they really appear to be damned near identical. Unfortunately, it carry's the hated squier logo.