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sms from Mzansi Money offering me a loan, I responded to an sms and they phoned offering me a loan, took all my details and they gave me a number only to find that it's not working. The less violent version of "moer-strip usually ends up with the sufferer warning the person who's annoying them to stop it immediately before they get angry and get to the point of the "stripping their moer". Dutchman derogatory term for Afrikaner 3 isit (pronounced: izit) the words "is" and "it" put together. vera vomit wendy white (caucasian) lodge house pram car See also edit Example edit South African English An example of South African English regionalisms/slang (second language speaker) Problems playing this file? Also known as a "Volla". (You're trying to tell me that horseshit is figs!) Peppermint Crisp - is a milk chocolate bar invented in South Africa by Wilson- Rowntree, now produced by Swiss chocolatier Nestlé. "Jy hou van tee, nè?" You like tea, not so? It also is considered a nickname for the Volkswagen Type 2 and Volkswagen Type 2 (T3), due to both vehicle's immense popularity in that configuration. Jippo-guts - Diarrhoea jislaaik! "I will rop you of that kief watch.

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Though "trok" (the proper Afrikaans translation for "truck is still in use, it has been heavily replaced with the slang term "lorrie". Similar to the expression "tamato-tomato". Padece slang for a white Afrikaans person, usually derogatory but sometimes used affectionately depending on context. The term later came to be used by liberals as an epithet for conservatives from the poor rural southern states, and nowadays is expanded in use to label any conservatives from any state whose political views differ from that of liberals. Traditionally "slave-girl from the Yiddish version of the Hebrew word for "dirty, unclean, loathsome" 11 In South Africa, however, it has the additional meaning of a "female domestic worker". "This place is dof; I'm gonna chase, boet." cherps or chips "Watch out" or "Move out the way as in "Chips chips everyone, here comes the teacher!" (distinct from the food or snack ). Our Intention is to bring people to Christ. For example: "ge-son(t)-hei(t (gesondheid, "health. Moegoe a fool, idiot or simpleton.

They feel lost very easily. Example in combat: Hosh, jy raak wys Hello, show me what you made. No it does not, Just like the Judges 8 symbol.

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