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Whether you can get a suitable relationship going depends on a lot of things, and a lot of this has to do with where you score on adaptability, clear thinking, independence, knowledge, patience, strong self-confidence, and tolerance. As an Aspie, I see things so differently than NT's and do things that get me in a lot of trouble because I don't realize the effect my actions have until afterwards. Anonymous said I have never been in that sort of relationship growing up as an aspergillosis was hard. Wherein some couples or friends could go years skating on the surface of a relationship, the chances of this happening with two Aspies is highly unlikely. If your guy is very rule oriented- won't jay walk, etc. This fantasy relationship can shift and morph along the same wave pattern as the real relationship, only extending further out into the realm of non-reality. I can say he probably won't cheat.

If your relationship is strong then it's strong - being an Aspie doesn't change that. I long to ask for reassurance that I am okay, that this is okay, that we are okay. This can be intoxicating, reassuring, and/or frightening. Like I am some vast void of emptiness that needs another to feel alive. In the case where two individuals are open and willing to move through the Aspie-Aspie relationship, with eyes wide open and with an open mind, there is the capacity for extreme growth and extreme connection on multiple levels. This can seem very unnatural to the Aspie, and invasive, but if he or she takes the time to reflect upon his or her own behaviors and ways traverse city dating tjänster of thinking, he or she will discover that Aspies have a natural tendency to dissect. Simply click this blue button, why m? Whether a person cheats depends on a lot of things, and it is just not logical to say that because a person with one characteristic (in this case Aspergers) has done something (in this case cheating all people with that characteristic might. She had met him on an online dating site and they hit it off nicely after which she discovered he was unfaithful to her. Different attributes of the relationship will directly affect the behaviors of the participants.

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