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15th birthday'. Marshal and.S. 13 Plural marriage used to justify immoral behavior with young girls edit Richard Abanes has claimed that church leaders sometimes used polygamy to take advantage of young girls for immoral purposes. Members of the church worked for the defeat of the bill, including women of the church, who held mass meetings throughout the territory in January 1870 in opposition to the bill. Kvinna, man eller inget av dem? "A Response from the Author". There is nothing, so far as I have seen, in the manners of Salt Lake City to make me suspect the existence of that licentiousness of which so much has been written. He married was sealed to, in Mormon parlance young (Clarissa Decker, 15) and old (Hannah Tapfield King, 65).

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Har du hört om den syriske mannen som fick tre stora bostadsrätt er i Saltsjöbaden av kommunen till sitt harem?
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Many of these federally appointed officers were appalled by the practice of polygamy and the Mormon belief system in general, and would harangue the Mormons for their "lack of morality" in public addresses. (1989 Mormon Polygamy: A History (2nd. Marshal and a host of deputies. In the midst of the American Civil War, Republican majorities in Congress were able to pass legislation meant to curb the Mormon practice of polygamy. These efforts culminated in the sentencing of George Reynolds to two years hard labor in prison and a fine of five hundred dollars for his practice of polygamy. 9 Required an anti-polygamy oath for prospective voters, jurors and public officials. Beason 42 that a law in Idaho Territory which disenfranchised individuals who practiced or believed in plural marriage was constitutional. The New York Times 1857 Hirshson 1969,. . Citation needed Opposition to the church, especially among former Mormons, frequently focused, not upon the drawbacks of polygamy as a marriage system, but upon polygamy as a symptom of the depravity of Mormonism and Mormons in general. Om lagen ska ändras vore det bättre att tillåta äktenskap mellan flera personer, oavsett kön. Enligt den interna svenska äktenskapsrätten kan polygama äktenskap ingångna i landet upplösas efter talan av åklagare.

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