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clear and stable identity, particularly a social persona that they feel comfortable with. Maintain empathy for Loyal Skeptics doubts and mistrust, but not agreement. Work on decisiveness, viewing ones self as being and cause, and then taking the initiative. But underneath the surface, they still feel uncertain about who they really are. Insatiability of interests and ideas, tendency to overrun others with their plans and desires, excessive future orientation, fast pace, conflict and feeling avoidance, and self-centeredness. Epicures enjoy Observer thoughtfulness, unobtrusiveness, and independence. Blame may result characterized by angry outburst and withdrawal that can lead to one or the other escaping the distress by leaving the relationship. A cycle of escalating conflict can result with the Giver, feeling frustrated, trying harder and eventually emoting anger to avoid feeling useless and unfulfilled while the Mediator just digs in further with a stubborn anger to avoid being overwhelmed by the Givers active and intrusive. This leads to the Loyal Skeptics mistrust escalating, which results in further attempts to set limits. Take initiatives and reach out while continuing to respect each others boundaries.

Encourage the Mediators expression of priorities and needs. Notice going off into the future and come back to grounding in the present. Since this is not always the case, knowing the type, the level of health, and the instincts of each person can provide more insight. Greys Anatomy episode we also never really get to engage in conversations that dont concern our jobs. In attempting to please, they over-accommodate and build up stubborn resistance that annoys and frustrates Perfectionists. Steadiness, ability to defer, adaptability, empathy, genuine support and caring, and ability to set slower pace and provide a counterbalance to active energy. Find ways to enliven the relationship, including the physical relationship. A cycle of escalating conflict and blame can result with the Performer getting impatient and angry and the Romantics falling into inaction. Thoughtful analysis, dispassion, steadiness, non-demandingness, good personal boundaries, and self-sufficiency. Positive accomplishment orientation, enthusiasm, hopefulness, efficiency, and material support. Mediators promote harmony by following Protectors lead and sharing in the Protectors activities.

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